August 3, 2017

Pasture Class to be Offered in Fall

A pasture class will be held on the evening of Wednesday October 4th with event location and time to be determined. Bob Hendershot, retired Grazing Specialist for Natural Resources Conservation Service in Ohio, will discuss management of cattle grazing operations and will lead a pasture walk. Pasture diversity, forage quality, livestock nutrition on pasture, soil fertility, layout and design, fence and water technology, economics, including alternative feeds and forage will be addressed.

A follow-up event will be on Saturday November 4th at Greenacres Foundation in eastern Hamilton County. We’ll be looking at some exciting new research at Greenacres Foundation with effects of grassland management on meat quality, viewing Temple Grandin’s designed cattle handling facility, and multi-species grazing.  The information for this event is still being finalized.

Grazing Management for cattle will be the primary focus, however, these principles typically apply to other livestock. If you are interested in attending these grazing events, please call our office at 513-732-7075 x-102 to register for these events and to get additional information once planning is finalized.