August 8, 2016

Conservation Reserve Program Offers Assistance to Producers on Cropland

waterwayThe Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) has many practices available for cost share on cropland.  Some of these practices include grassed waterways, filter strips, and wildlife borders.  Grassed waterways are installed for protection of fields from erosion and to provide a vegetated channel to carry surface water to a stable outlet. Filter strips are another cost shareable practice that are designed to filter sediment and nutrients before entering a creek, pond, or drainage way by vegetating a strip of land along a crop field with perennial grass. Wildlife borders are similar to filter strips in that they are vegetated along a field edge, but they are also designed for wildlife habitat enhancement.  All practices are reimbursed at 90% based on the state average cost list.  Besides the cost share that is reimbursed, there is also a one time incentive payment when you sign your contract, and an annual rental payment on the area that is being addressed for 10 or 15 years, depending on the length of your contract. Maintenance payments will also be made to help with upkeep of certain practices. Signup is ongoing and applications are accepted automatically if land is deemed eligible, contingent upon the extension of the current farm bill, or passing of a new farm bill. As of the date in writing this article, the farm bill is set to expire two days from now. CRP is a program that falls under the farm bill provisions, and as long as there are extensions to the current farm bill or a new farm bill is passed, these cost shared practices will be available.