November 23, 2016

Wolfer Farms Honored as District Cooperator of the Year

Wolfer Farms is located in Jackson Township and is operated by Eric and Tony Wolfer. Multiple conservation practices have been installed on land they farm, including cover crops, conservation crop rotation, nutrient management and others. Wolfer Farms received one of the first cover crop EQIP contracts in Clermont County in 2010.

Eric and Tony have lent their cover crop expertise to the district on several occasions. They offered up their farm to Miami University students to learn farming practices, while completing a project for Clermont Soil & Water. Their input was included in the “Cover Crops for Southwest Ohio” booklet that was published by the district and the newest edition has just been released in November. Eric also allowed Soil and Water to feature him in our “Cover Crop Farmers of Southwest Ohio” booklet, where he shared some of his successes and gave tips for farmers just starting out with cover crops.

More recently, Tony and Eric have allowed the district use of their farm on McCafferty Road to study the effectiveness of cover crops in reducing nutrient and sediment runoff. This is no small commitment. They have allowed us and the Office of Environmental Quality to install two very large monitoring flumes and associated monitoring equipment in two side by side ditches for a period of five years. Wolfer Farms has agreed to plant winter cover crops in one of the fields while leaving the other unplanted after crops are removed, allowing us to study the differences in runoff. Not only have they lent their land for this, they have helped with both the installation and repairs, which, after the heavy storms we’ve received, have been significant.

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