November 26, 2019

Clermont SWCD Thanks Our 2019 Cooperators

Thanks to all our Cooperators for all the Conservation Best Management Practices Installed this Year

Roy Barger Jr. Brush Management
Bob Bolce Brush Management
Cornwell Family Partnership Cover Crops
Robert Fee Cover Crops
Scott Forman Cover Crops
James Fulton Cover Crops
Louise Gartner Cover Crop, Nutrient Mgt., Roof Runoff Structure (2), Subsurface Drain (2)
Charles Grant Nutrient Management
Jason Grant Nutrient Management (2)
James Grosnickle Cover Crops
Harold Herron Cover Crops
Ted Hollaender Nutrient Mgt. (5), Cover Crops (2), Residue and Tillage Management
John Hutchinson Nutrient Management, Cover Crops
Tim Jarman Nutrient Management Plan
Lori Lenhart Cover Crops
Michelle McClain Brush Management
James Metzger Brush Management (2)
Jeremy Mount Brush Management
Andrew Mueller Tree/Shrub Site Prep, Wildlife Structures
Jeremy Myers Nutrient Mgt., Residue and Tillage Mgt.
Anthony Panetta Cover Crops
Richard Rosselot Cover Crops (2), Nutrient Management (2)
Paul Schmidt Cover Crops
Wesley Scott Cover Crops
Donald Smith Brush Management (2)
James Stahl Nutrient Management (2), Cover Crops
John Stahl Nutrient Management (2)
Galye Taylor Cover Crops
Jason Tolliver Cover Crops, Brush Management
Varick Family Trust Brush Management (3)
Laura Weber Herbaceous Weed Control, Brush Management
David Werring Nutrient Management (3), Cover Crops (4)
Tim Werring Nutrient Management
Tony Werring Nutrient Management
Wiederhold Farms Nutrient Management (2), Cover Crops (2)
Wolfer Farms Cover Crops (2)
Timothy Zurmehly Cover Crops (2)

*(2)- Number of practices completed