Thanks to our 2020 Cooperators!

Thanks to all our Cooperators for all the conservation best management practices installed this year!

Doug Auxier Nutrient Management, Cover Crops
Thomas Borchers Nutrient Management
Lynn Buede Grasslands Initiative
David Church Grasslands Initiative
Cornwell Family Partnership Nutrient Management (4), AgChem Handling Facility, Access Road
E. Wiederhold Farms LLC. Nutrient Management
Jennifer Ebbing Heavy Use Protection, Underground Outlet
Jeannette Garrison Heavy Use Protection
Louise Gartner High Tunnel (3), Roof Runoff Structure (2), Subsurface Drain
Rebecca Geiger Conservation Cover (2)
Charles Grant Nutrient Management
Jason Grant Nutrient Management (2)
James Grosnickle Nutrient Management
Ted Hollaender Nutrient Management, Cover Crops
John Johnson Nutrient Management Plan
Aaron Knorr Brush Management (3)
L&L Farm Holdings LLC Roof and Cover, Livestock Pipeline, Prescribed Grazing, Access Road, Heavy Use Protection, Watering Facility, Underground Outlet, Waste Storage Facility
League for Animal Welfare Brush Management
James Liming Nutrient Management Plan, Fence, Access Road
Christopher Lockey Brush Management, Herbaceous Weed Control, Tree/Site Preparation
Michelle McClain Critical Area Planting, Mulching, Brush Management, Forage Planting
James Metzger Forest Stand Improvement (3)
Jeremy Myers Nutrient Management
Theresa Napier Nutrient Management Plan
John Stahl Cover Crops (2)
Robert Stahl Nutrient Management, Cover Crops
Jason Tolliver Brush Management (2), Herbaceous Weed Control, Tree/Shrub Establishment, Forest Stand Improvement
Collander S. Turner Conservation Cover
Varick Family Trust Brush Management (3), Herbaceous Weed Treatment
David Werring Nutrient Management (2)
Wolfer Farms Cover Crops (3)

(x)- Number of practices completed