2023 Supervisor Candidates

Dave Anspach

Dave Anspach grew up on the family farm in Owensville, where he and his wife Pam reside today. Dave’s family has always practiced conservation on the farm, and his father Ray was the District’s Outstanding Cooperator of the Year in 1977. Installed practices include a WASCOB, several drainage/ditching projects and utilizing no-till in their operation. About 100 acres are rotated in soybeans and corn on the 125 acre farm.

Dave has a B.S. degree in Business from Miami University, and worked for the Farm Credit Services Agency for 15 years before serving as Clermont SWCD’s Administrator from 1990-97.  During his tenure with the SWCD, Dave helped oversee the development of a full-time education program and helped coordinate the development of the Agricultural Center complex and movement of the District offices to the fairgrounds facility in 1995.

Dave has served as a Clermont County Park Commissioner for 25 years. During his tenure he has seen the Clermont County parks grow to over 1,000 acres. He helped run the District’s first successful park levy campaign, and has helped plan and direct the development of Sycamore Park, Shor Park, the acquisition of Clingman Park, where the new park office is located, with several more projects to come.

In 2006, Dave rejoined the Clermont SWCD family as a Board Supervisor. He is now completing his sixth 3-year term on the SWCD Board. Additionally, Dave serves as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation Districts.  Dave states that he would like to continue to use his conservation background and experience to serve the community.

Mark Liming

Mark Liming was raised on a farm in Felicity, Ohio. Farming has become his life’s work. Mark, his wife, Tricia and two sons, Clinton and Brett, bought their own farm in 2007 in Bethel, not far from the main Liming family farm, where his parents live. In addition to running these two farms, he also rents some land in the Felicity/Bethel area. Mark raises Limousin beef cattle, some sheep, and has acres of farmland for corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Conservation practices installed on his land include cover crops, no-till and a solar water pump for one of his pastures.

In 2007, Mark was elected to Farm Service Agency’s Clermont County Committee to represent farmers in Monroe, Tate, Washington, and Franklin Townships, and served two farms. He and his family were also heavily involved in FFA while his sons were in high school, with Clinton achieving the highest degree possible – the American degree, while Brett graduated from UC with a degree in architectural engineering.

Tim Rose

Tim Rose is a lifetime resident of Clermont County and the third generation Rose to operate Ohio Pike Farms in Bethel. Together, Tim and his father farm nearly 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans rotating crops annually and practicing no-till planting. With the recent addition of grass filter strips through multiple fields, Tim continues to practice conservation on the farm.

In 2020, Tim was elected to the Clermont SWCD Board of Supervisors and currently serves as the Board’s Vice-Chair. Recently, Tim has led an effort to obtain funding for grain bin rescue equipment. He is now seeking his second term.

Tim is a young farmer with big plans for caring for his land and positively impacting the community he lives in. Tim has dedicated his life to the farm and plans to pass his knowledge of agriculture and the industry onto his children as they grow.