Artists Needed-Annual Rain Barrel Art Event

Clermont SWCD is calling all local artists to participate in Save Local Waters’ annual Rain Barrel Art Project

What is it?

The Rain Barrel Art Project is open to artists of all ages and abilities. Interested artists must first submit a design by Dec. 15th for judging. A group of judges selects forty designs to be implemented. Artists receive the barrel and technical assistance from Save Local Waters.

Why Participate?

Barrels are displayed at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden for the month of April.

Barrels are auctioned via an eBay auction. The money raised from the auction goes towards environmental education at and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

2023 Project Timeline

For more information regarding the Rain Barrel Art Project or Save Local Waters, contact Sara Fehring at 513-772-7645 or visit the website at

About Save Local Waters

Save Local Waters is the creation of the Regional Storm Water Collaborative of Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, an organization focused on sharing resources to better leverage mass media and raise awareness concerning water quality issues in the Ohio River Valley. The collaborative is composed of storm water districts, municipalities, and soil and water conservation districts in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.