Louise Gartner Honored as Cooperator of the Year

Louise receives her award from District Technician Jake Hahn

At its Annual Meeting on September 12, Clermont SWCD named Louise Gartner its 2019 Cooperator of the Year. In two short years, Louise has gone from a small vegetable garden to raising organic crops under four high tunnels. Not only did she dive right into farming on her five-acre plot of land, just north of the Ohio River in Clermont County, she has done it successfully while having a full-time job. And like the myriad of her vegetables, her operation is still growing as well. She plans to construct two more large high tunnels in the near future to further expand her beets, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, and zucchini production.

Louise has worked with NRCS to implement other sustainability practices such as cover crops, integrated pest management, nutrient management, and a drainage system around the high tunnels to further improve her operation. She now has a very productive operation, selling to a local food Co-op based out of Cincinnati, as well as an upper-end grocery store chain.

Louise also devotes her time to educating and training others. She has hosted various educational tours for groups such as: National Farm to Table Conference and the Turner Farm who has a Veteran to Farmer Training Program.

The Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District commends Louise for her stewardship efforts, growing food for her local community while protecting the land and valuable natural resources of the county.

Clermont SWCD Thanks Our 2019 Cooperators

Thanks to all our Cooperators for all the Conservation Best Management Practices Installed this Year

Roy Barger Jr. Brush Management
Bob Bolce Brush Management
Cornwell Family Partnership Cover Crops
Robert Fee Cover Crops
Scott Forman Cover Crops
James Fulton Cover Crops
Louise Gartner Cover Crop, Nutrient Mgt., Roof Runoff Structure (2), Subsurface Drain (2)
Charles Grant Nutrient Management
Jason Grant Nutrient Management (2)
James Grosnickle Cover Crops
Harold Herron Cover Crops
Ted Hollaender Nutrient Mgt. (5), Cover Crops (2), Residue and Tillage Management
John Hutchinson Nutrient Management, Cover Crops
Tim Jarman Nutrient Management Plan
Lori Lenhart Cover Crops
Michelle McClain Brush Management
James Metzger Brush Management (2)
Jeremy Mount Brush Management
Andrew Mueller Tree/Shrub Site Prep, Wildlife Structures
Jeremy Myers Nutrient Mgt., Residue and Tillage Mgt.
Anthony Panetta Cover Crops
Richard Rosselot Cover Crops (2), Nutrient Management (2)
Paul Schmidt Cover Crops
Wesley Scott Cover Crops
Donald Smith Brush Management (2)
James Stahl Nutrient Management (2), Cover Crops
John Stahl Nutrient Management (2)
Galye Taylor Cover Crops
Jason Tolliver Cover Crops, Brush Management
Varick Family Trust Brush Management (3)
Laura Weber Herbaceous Weed Control, Brush Management
David Werring Nutrient Management (3), Cover Crops (4)
Tim Werring Nutrient Management
Tony Werring Nutrient Management
Wiederhold Farms Nutrient Management (2), Cover Crops (2)
Wolfer Farms Cover Crops (2)
Timothy Zurmehly Cover Crops (2)

*(2)- Number of practices completed

Hollaender Honored as SWCD Cooperator of the Year

Ted Hollaender (left) receiving recognition from Clermont County Commissioner David Painter

Ted Hollaender was honored as Clermont SWCD’s Cooperator of the Year at its 75th anniversary annual meeting on September 13. Ted farms about 700 acres of corn and soybeans in northern Clermont County, and is constantly exploring different ways to improve his operations, especially for conservation. He has participated in the USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program to make improvements on his land using management practices such as no till, nutrient management, conservation crop rotation, cover crops, and he has plans for pollinator plantings. Ted is also enrolled in the Conservation Stewardship Program, which serves to reward producers for being good stewards of the land, while making further improvements.

When applying fertilizer, he follows the 4-R strategy (Right source, Right rate, Right time, and Right place) of nutrient management, and includes the use of variable rate applications recommended in the Tri-State Fertility Guide.

Ted has also been willing to help the District with different projects, including researching the benefits of using the Haney soil test, and allowing us to collect soil samples to help better calibrate the East Fork Soil and Water Assessment Tool model.

Ted plants about 450 acres of cover crops each year – about 2/3 of his fields. He has experimented with several different types of cover crop mixes to build soil health and increase infiltration at a faster pace than would occur with a single species.

Clermont SWCD Thanks Our 2018 Cooperators

Thanks to all our Cooperators for all the Conservation Best Management Practices installed in 2018

Roy Barger Jr                          Brush management (2)

Robert Bolce                            Brush management (2)

Boy Scouts of America          Brush management (3)

Chatham Farms                      Prescribed grazing

Cincinnati Nature Center     Conservation cover

Cornwell Farms                      Grassed Waterway

Emily Clark                              Pipeline (2), HUA, watering facility (2)

E Wiederhold Farms LLC     Cover crop, nutrient management

William Eckert                        Grassed Waterway

Charles Ernstes                       Tree/shrub establishment, brush management (2)

Robert Fee                               Nutrient management

Lousie Gartner                        Cover crop, IPM, high tunnel (2), nutrient management

Ted Hollender                         Nutrient management, cover crop, no-till

Mark Jones                              Weed control, conservation cover

League for Animal Welfare   Brush management

Lee J Farms                            Cover crop

Lori Lenhart                            High tunnel, Subsurface drain, roof runoff structure, underground outlet

James Liming                         Cover crop, nutrient management

Mark Liming                           Cover crop, nutrient management

James Metzger                       Brush management (3)

Jeremy Mount                        Brush management (5), Tree establishment, forest stand improvement

Jeremy Myers                         Nutrient management, cover crop, tillage management

Anthony Panetta                    Nutrient management

David & Joseph Pelosi          Grassed waterway

Tyler Peron                              Critical area planting, roof and cover, HUA

Martha Rose                            Nutrient management

Richard Rosselot                    Cover crop, nutrient management

Donald Smith                          Brush management (2)

Charles Stahl                           Cover crop

James Stahl                             Nutrient management

John Stahl                               Cover crop

Jason Tolliver                         Forest stand improvement, brush management, tree/ shrub site prep

Varick Family Trust               Brush management (4)

Laura Weber                           Tree/shrub establishment, brush management (2), weed control

Daniel Weber                          Tree/shrub establishment, tree/shrub site prep.

David Werring                        Nutrient management, cover crop

Tim Werring                            Nutrient management

Tony Werring                          Nutrient management

Wolfer Farms                          Cover crop