December 6, 2017

Conservation Plant Sale to be Held April 28, 2018

Dawn Redwood

Winter is bearing down, but our thoughts are on the 2018 plant sale. We have new trees, bushes, and flowers we want to share with you to assist with indigenous landscaping. These newcomers include White Oak, American Crabapple, Serviceberry, and Chokeberry.  We will have perennials New England Aster, Bee Balm and Wild Geranium to add to our favorites Purple Coneflower and Lavender. And new this year we will be adding the annuals Salvia and Zinnia to provide Summer-long color and pollinator food.

Due to the increased price and decreased availability, we will not be carrying White Pines or Norway Spruce in 2018. We will have 3 packs of the evergreen Arborvitae (White Cedar) and the deciduous evergreen Dawn Redwood available.

Our Spring Newsletter will be out at the end of February, and at that time all information regarding the plant sale will be available on our website,

So have a wonderful holiday season and start planning your pollinator garden!

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June 5, 2017

Thank You to Our Plant Sale Customers!

Our April Conservation Plant Sale was a success again in 2017. We sold 1,933 seedlings and about 1,000 perennial plants. We had 342 assorted tree seedlings left over which we donated to Boy Scout Camp Friedlander here in Clermont County.

Our sale is focused on Ohio native species. Do you have any ideas for trees or perennials you would like to see at future sales? We love getting suggestions from our customers and residents; we also enjoy hearing stories about trees bought 20 or 30 years ago at our sale that are now huge and thriving! Email Susie at or call (513) 732-7075 Ext: 102 with your suggestions.

Thank you again to both our regular customers and those new to our sale. We plan on continuing to offer plant material for homes, gardens and reforestation for years to come. We won’t be mailing out the tree sale newsletter anymore except to those who request it… our newsletters are now electronic. Be sure to notify Susie if you would like to receive paper newsletters if you haven’t already done so.