Cups Are Now Recyclable in Clermont County. Cheers!

Disposable paper cups, most plastic cups, and aluminum cups are now accepted in all curbside recycling bins and public recycling drop-off dumpsters in Clermont County, regardless of the hauler. Examples of the newly accepted material include paper and plastic beverage cups from fast-food restaurants (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.), plastic souvenir cups, and aluminum cups such as those used at many stadiums and some dedicated outdoor refreshment areas (DORAS).

Whether your recycling hauler is Rumpke or Republic, all mixed recycling collected in Clermont County is transported to Rumpke’s recycling processing plant in St. Bernard for sorting and recovery. Rumpke is constantly working with manufacturers and other partners to develop solutions for expanded recycling opportunities. The paper mills that receive Rumpke’s recovered cardboard and paper have now agreed to accept paper cups in their material stream, mainly due to the high demand for cardboard. Innovations in plastic recycling have opened up manufacturers and other partners to accept additional types of plastic, while advancements in robotics and new technology has significantly helped to sort plastic cups from the recycling stream.

What is not accepted: Styrofoam or polystyrene (foam) cups are still not accepted at Rumpke’s recycling facility. Most colored party cups (i.e., Solo brand cups) are made of polystyrene (#6) and should not be placed in recycling containers. Straws, ceramic and glass cups, and K-cups/coffee pods are also still not accepted.

Plastic lids on plastic cups are now accepted and should be reattached prior to placing in the recycling container. However, plastic lids on paper cups are not accepted and should be removed.

To see a complete list of the public recycling drop-off locations in Clermont County, as well as a complete list of acceptable recyclables, please visit the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District’s website at For more information on recycling in Clermont County, visit

By Doug Snyder, Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality