Batavia Dam Removal

batavia_0185The Village of Batavia is working with the Valley View Foundation and the Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District and to explore options for removing a low-head dam on the East Fork Little Miami River in Clermont County.  The dam is no longer in use, as the Village is currently supplied water through Clermont County.  Removal of the dam will eliminate a public hazard and will also restore this impaired section of river.

Batavia Low-Head Dam FAQ’s
Ohio EPA’s Environmental Assessment

Low-head dams can be dangerous, as they increase the risk of injury and drowning for those who fish, swim, or boat near the structures.  Low-head dams also ruin river habitat because the dam creates an unnatural lake-like pool upstream of the structure.  The dam also prevents the normal migration of fish and other species.  Removal of the dam would remove that barrier and restore the river to a natural, free-flowing condition.  Over time, the diversity and abundance of native fish, mussels and other species will improve.  Removal of the dam will also provide safer recreational opportunities in the Village of Batavia.  The Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District and the Valley View Foundation have offered to assist the village in completing this project.  In the coming weeks/months, both organizations will work with the Village to explore ways to advance the project and gather input from the community.  Many local residents have expressed support for the dam removal and safer recreational opportunities (e.g. fishing, canoeing) in the future.

This project is being funded with a grant from the Ohio EPA; representatives from Ohio EPA will help guide the river restoration activities.

Use this link to view American River’s video on dam removals: Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dam Removal