Going Swimming in a Pond or Lake? Follow These Health Tips

Since 2013, both the main beach and campground beach at East Fork Lake have experienced problems with harmful algal blooms.  These blooms can produce toxins that affect the liver, nervous system or skin.  If toxin concentrations are high enough, East Fork State Park will post advisory signs at the beaches.  An orange advisory sign individuals who are elderly or very young and people with compromised immune systems that swimming or wading is not recommended.  A red advisory sign means that concentrations are high enough to impact anyone.  If you choose to swim despite the advisory, there are some important health tips you should follow:

Other activities near the water such as camping, picnicking, biking and hiking are safe. If you are picnicking, wash your hands before eating if you have had contact with lake water or shore debris.  If you plan to eat the fish you catch, remove the guts and liver, and rinse fillets in tap water before eating.

For more information, visit Ohio EPA’s Harmful Algal Bloom page.