Shor Park Stream Restoration

Clermont SWCD, in partnership with the Clermont County Park District, received a Section 319 Grant from Ohio EPA for a stream restoration and wetland enhancement project at Shor Park on Tealtown Road. Construction began in July 2021 and is expected to finish by May 2022.

As Avey’s Run enters Shor Park, approximately 200 feet of the creek runs through a 48-inch storm sewer that has collapsed in places, resulting in large sinkholes and a large amount of erosion downstream of the sewer (see photo above). In July 2021, staff from Clermont SWCD, the Park District and the Clermont Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) installed multiple log structures in areas with heavy bank erosion. Over time, the log structures will help build the banks and streambed by capturing organic material. They will also deflect flow energy away from eroding banks and expand habitat diversity.

The largest part of the project involves replacing the existing storm sewer with 120 feet of natural stream channel, followed by a boulder cascade and plunge pool. Three small pocket wetlands will surround the new stream channel. In addition to creating new habitat, the stream and wetland complex will help dissipate high flows during heavy rains, and treat storm water runoff from a residential area upstream of the park. This work is scheduled to start in March 2022.

Smaller parts of the project involve fixing erosion problems in a small channel that drains the Shor Park parking lot, and removing invasive species like bush honeysuckle and autumn olive. This past November, three riffles were constructed to stabilize 200 feet of channel below the outlet of the existing rain garden which treats runoff from the parking lot. Starting in December, staff from SWCD, OEQ and the Park District have removed invasive species from about four acres of ground, with much more to come.