SWCD Accepting Comments on East Fork Watershed Plans

The East Fork Watershed Collaborative is in the process of updating action plans for the Glady Creek and Solomon Run subwatersheds in Brown, Clermont, Clinton and Highland Counties, and would like to hear from residents about the water quality needs for this area.

The Glady Creek watershed encompasses the land area that drains to the East Fork from a point downstream of Turtle Creek to just downstream of the point where the East Fork joins Solomon Run near Fayetteville. The Solomon Run watershed includes the drainage area from downstream of Solomon Run to a point just upstream of the East Fork’s confluence with Five Mile Creek in Clermont County. In May 2006, the East Fork Watershed Collaborative completed a watershed action plan that summarized the existing conditions and laid out strategies for protecting or improving water quality for these and other areas. Several items listed in the 2006 plan have been accomplished, but new challenges and regulations have arisen since the plan was completed, necessitating an update.

The East Fork Watershed Collaborative will accept public comments through Saturday, October 31, 2020. Copies of the draft watershed plans are available at https://www.clermontswcd.org/east-fork-watershed-programs/. Comments or questions can be addressed to Becky McClatchey, SWCD Natural Resource Specialist, at rmcclatchey@clermontcountyohio.gov, or (513) 732-7075 ext. 6. Written comments can also be sent to Clermont SWCD, P.O. Box 549, Owensville, OH 45160.