Annual Plant Sale Held in April

Help Pollinators, Beautify Your Outdoor Space & Give Back to Nature 

Each year, the Clermont SWCD offers tree and native shrub seedlings, as well as a few native perennials at discount prices. This program gives landowners the opportunity  to develop small areas of  reforestation, provide habitat for wildlife enhancement, or native additions to home landscaping.

Most of the seedlings offered are 12 to 36 inch ‘whips’. Tree and shrub seedlings will be bare rooted; we dip the plants in a root preservative to help keep the roots from drying out and wrap them in a plastic bag. Most packets will be in a bag about the size of a grocery bag and can easily be placed in your car for pick up.  We also offer native hybrid perennials as ‘plugs’. The plugs we are offering are approximately 2” in diameter and a robust 4.5” deep.

The plant sale brochure is available in March; to be added to our mailing list, please notify us here.