Forestry and Wildlife

Forestry and Wildlife Services

As today’s landscape continues to change, there is an increased need to manage wildlife and forests. Landowners are encouraged to utilize our services, no matter what the size or situation. Many grants, cost share programs, and tax breaks may be available to landowners for managing their property.

Our staff can supply technical support for most types of landowner management objectives. Managing forest and wildlife can bring satisfaction, beauty, environmental quality, improved hunting, increased timber value, increased property value and many other benefits to the landowner.

Types of Assistance Provided

·        Wetland habitat and design

·        Field border planting designs for wildlife

·        Wildlife issues involving ponds

·        Fish pond stocking assistance

·        Tree planting design and implementation

·        Forest assessment

·        Forest management planning

·        Best Management Practices for logging operations

·        Stream riparian corridor management

·        Wildlife habitat creation

·        Invasive species control

Call Before You Cut

Before you begin any logging activity, it’s a good idea to evaluate the potential for erosion problems on the site. Let us and our partnering agencies help you develop an operation and managment plan (O&M Plan) to prevent excess erosion and minimize problems and fend off any potential complaints.

The program is a joint effort of the ODNR Division of Forestry, OSU Extension, Rural Action, the Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation Districts, ODNR Division of Soil & Water Conservation, the Society of American Foresters, The Nature Conservancy, the Better Business Bureau, the American Tree Farm System, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.