Dry Hydrants


A dry hydrant is a permanent PVC piping system installed in a pond, lake or stream that allows for easy water withdrawal for fire suppression in areas that lack pressurized fire hydrants.

SWCD Dry Hydrant Fact Sheet and Homeowner Mini Grants
Dry Hydrant Diagram
NRCS Technical Description 

In areas with pressurized fire hydrants, dry hydrants can also serve as a supplemental or backup source of water in the event that the pressurized system should be insufficient or fail. A fire pumper truck can siphon water through the dry hydrant device to fight a fire on-site or to fill fire tanker trucks, which can transport water to fight a nearby fire. Generally, a minimum pond depth of 7-8 ft. is required for installation.

A dry hydrant is easily installed in a new pond during construction, but can also be added to an existing pond. The addition of a dry hydrant may help lower home owner insurance costs. The Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District provides free technical assistance to help property owners with site evaluation, design, and installation of a dry hydrant.