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Soil Regions of Ohio

Clermont County Soil Survey
The manuscript contains information on Clermont County, the procedure for creating the Clermont County Soil Survey, descriptions of general and detailed soil map units, table descriptions, factors and processes of soil formation, soil morphology, etc. The download is 4.3 MB.

Soil Map Index
Use our interactive map to find the information you need.

Soil Testing and Sampling Procedures – Contact Clermont County OSU Extension Office (513-732-7070) for information about soil fertility testing.

Soil Testing for Septic Systems – If you are installing a new septic system, and Clermont County Public Health has required you to conduct soil sampling, check this list of professionals who can help you with your soil sampling and septic design needs.

Soil Quality – Learn all about soil properties that determine soil quality and many interesting ways for improving the quality and productivity of your soil.