Rain Barrels

Using rain barrels to catch and store rain water is an old practice making a comeback.  Today’s rain barrels are equipped so that they can easily be connected to your downspout, have overflow devices in case they fill up, and have screens and other elements that prevent mosquitoes from becoming a problem.  Rain barrels are a great source of water during those especially dry periods and can help significantly reduce your water bill.  They can be used in conjunction with a rain garden, a conventional garden, or even if you just want a supply of water for your lawn.

Rain barrels can usually be found at larger garden centers such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Clermont SWCD also has rain barrels available, similar to the picture above, second from left. As of August 2020, the price for a rain barrel is $85. Please call 513-732-7075 for more information.