Auto Care For Homeowners

Common activities such as washing your car or changing your car’s oil in your driveway can pollute our streams and rivers. When it rains, the runoff from your driveway makes its way to the storm drain, and that runoff can ultimately end up harming fish and other aquatic organisms in local streams. There are several steps you can take to help maintain local water quality, including recycling automotive fluids such as antifreeze and motor oil, and properly disposing of tires. Some recycling and disposal outlets are listed below. We’ve also provided some simple suggestions below for washing your car, changing fluids and cleaning spills.

Antifreeze:   Clermont County residents can drop off used antifreeze (along with other automotive fluids) for no charge at the County garage located at 4000 Filager Road, just off SR 222 north of the Village of Batavia.  Drop-off hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The used antifreeze is recycled and re-used in County vehicles.  Call Clermont County Fleet Maintenance at 732-7775 for details.

There are several other locations throughout the County that accept used antifreeze; however, there may be a disposal fee.  Some of these locations are listed below.  It is recommended that you call before visiting.

  • Firestone:
    956 Hwy. 28. (Milford)        831-1721
    8187 Beechmont Ave.          474-2910
  • ProCare Automotive:
    All Greater Cincinnati locations accept motor oil, car batteries, and antifreeze.

Motor Oil:  Like antifreeze, residents can bring used motor oil, transmission fluid or other automotive fluids to the County garage located at 4000 Filager Road.  There is no charge for this service.  Drop-off hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Call Clermont County Fleet Maintenance at 732-7775 for details.

There are a number of other locations in Clermont County that accept used motor oil.  Some of these are listed below.  There is typically a disposal fee, so it is recommended that you call the disposal center before bringing in the used motor oil.

Auto Zone: up to 5 gallons, car batteries, and transmission fluid
1212 Hwy. 28 (Mt. Repose)               575-4288
1362 Ohio Pike (Batavia Twp)          753-7600
8500 Beechwood Ave                         474-6650

Eastgate Mall, 4625 Eastgate Blvd.   753-7171
956 Highway 28 (Milford)                  831-1721
8187 Beechmont Ave.                          474-2910

ProCare Service Center: also accepts car batteries and antifreeze
457 Ohio Pike (Cherry Grove)           528-6240

Pep Boys: Up to 5 gallons per customer
4436 Glen Este – Withamsville Rd.   943-1100

Village Quik Lube:
7101 Main Street (Rt. 32, Newtown)  272-0677

Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express:
4370 Eastgate Sq. Dr., Eastgate          753-4069

Car Batteries

Advance Auto Parts:
1165 Ohio Pike (Amelia)                        753-9900
950 Lila Ave. (Milford)                          248-4316
1228 SR 28 (Mt. Repose)                      575-2767

Auto Zone:
1212 Hwy. 28 (Mt Repose)                   575-4288
1362 Ohio Pike (Amelia)                       753-7600
8500 Beechmont Avenue                      474-6650

Hamlet Auto Parts:
1711 E Ohio Pike (Amelia)                     753-5332

4625 Eastgate Blvd.                               753-7171
956 Hwy. 28 (Milford)                          831-1721
8187 Beechmont Avenue                     474-6188

NAPA Auto Parts:
919 Hwy. 28 (Mulberry)                       248-0660
945 W. Main Street (Williamsburg)  724-6188

Pep Boys: (also accepts motor oil)
4436 Glen Este-Withamsville Rd       943-1100

ProCare Service Center: (also accepts motor oil and antifreeze)
457 Ohio Pike                                         528-6240

Tire Disposal

Old tires can be recycled at the following locations.  Disposal costs vary based on the type of tire, whether or not it is on the rim, and by store.  It is recommended that you call the disposal location before bringing in old tires.

Bethel Tire:
615 W. Plane St., Bethel                     734-6095

600 Ausberger Ave., New Miami     896-5200

4625 Eastgate Blvd.                            753-7171
956 Hwy. 28. (Milford)                      831-1721
8187 Beechmont Ave.                        474-2910

Pep Boys: (also accepts motor oil and car batteries)
4436 Glen Este-Withamsville Rd.  943-1100

Tire Discounters:
State Route 125, Amelia                  752-4555
State Route 32 near Eastgate         753-7777
1107 Highway 28, Mulberry           575-5500

Keeping Work Areas Clean
Minimize water usage and pollution by taking simple steps to keep your work areas clean in an environmentally-conscious manner.

    • Sweep your garage (or other work area) regularly rather than hosing it down.
    • Clean up spills with absorbent material (such as cat litter or sawdust) and dispose of properly.  Never wash hazardous materials into the street or storm drain.
    • Follow the storage and disposal directions on product labels.

Washing Your Car
You can take steps to limit the amount of water that you use to wash your car, as well as the impact of the cleaning products on the environment.

    • Use a bucket and sponge instead of a hose to conserve water.
    • Wash your car on your lawn instead of in your driveway to allow the wash water to soak into the ground rather than enter the storm drain system.
    • Use non-toxic cleaning products that are phosphate free.
    • Clean battery heads, cable clamps, and chrome with baking soda paste.
    • Mix baking soda with mild biodegradable dishwashing soap to clean wheels and tires.
    • Clean windows with white vinegar, lemon juice and water.

Changing Your Fluids
When you change the fluids in your car, you should take special care to limit the possibility of spills, so those fluids do not get into the water supply.

    • Pay careful attention to the amount of fluids you are putting in your motor vehicles. Do not top off your fluid tanks.
    • Change your car’s fluids when the weather is nice (not in the rain).
    • Maintain your vehicle (or other motored appliances) regularly, not only to save you money in the long run, but also to prevent liquids from leaking in your garage, driveway, and street. If you notice something leaking, get it fixed as soon as possible.
    • Use a funnel to change your own fluids, and use a drip pan to reduce the amount of liquids that hit the ground.

Cleaning Up a Spill
Spills happen.  They can be harmful to the environment if they are not cleaned up quickly because the spilled material can get into the ground and ultimately into our local waterways. You can take precautions that will help to minimize the effects of spills.

    • Keep kitty litter, sawdust, or cornmeal handy for small spills. Use only as much as needed.
    • Keep a clean-up kit available for large spills, especially if you do a lot of work in your garage or other work areas.