Litter Prevention

When litter starts to build up on the street, it blocks the storm drainage system and the streets begin to flood, which can cause major damage to homes.

The litter that goes through the storm water drain is carried to local streams and rivers where children swim and families relax and fish. The litter in the river is harmful to people as well as aquatic organisms that live in the water.

Preventing Litter from Polluting Storm Water
To prevent litter from polluting storm water, do not dispose or place of any of the following items in a storm drain or within a natural drainage way, such as a swale, drainage ditch or stream:

    • Building materials that may be blown away or carried into a sewer drain during a hard rain
    • Children’s toys
    • Cigarette butts (these are litter too!)
    • Cleaning containers, such as bottles and buckets
    • Food and beverage containers
    • Old tires
    • Yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves

Also, be sure to place lids on your trash cans to prevent litter from accidentally blowing away.
To raise awareness of storm water pollution and littering, learn about Clermont County’s Storm Drain Stenciling Program.