December 6, 2017

Calling All Artists!



Want to showcase your art in the Rain Barrel Art Benefit Auction?

Here is How:

  1. Visit website to sign up and submit your idea for approval by January 22.
  2. If your design is selected, attend the artist workshop on February 10 at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  3. Pick up your rain barrel at end of the workshop
  4. Return your painted rain barrel March 29-31 and visit it at the Cincinnati Zoo through April.

Simple as that!

This Rain Barrel Art Project was created to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley area via an entertaining yet educational medium.

Visit for more information.


November 23, 2016

Duke Energy, Clermont SWCD Partner on a Beautiful Solution to Storm Water Pollution

Recently, Duke Energy and the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) partnered with a homeowners’ association in a Union Township subdivision to combat runoff problems and beautify the neighborhood at the same time.

Under a $25,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation, Clermont SWCD worked with the Shayler Woods Homeowners Association (HOA) to install a 1000 square foot rain garden in a section of the subdivision where storm water did not receive any treatment before it reached a small creek. The garden will catch storm flows from two small drainage areas and allow it to soak into the ground over a day or two rather than running off into the creek. Along with reducing flow, the garden will help filter pollutants, including nutrients found in lawn fertilizers what can contribute to algae blooms.

Gene Benninger, the president of the Shayler Woods HOA, said “We are pleased that our community was chosen for this project. It has greatly enhanced the appearance of the landscape, and we look forward to Spring when everything will be blooming.”

Clermont SWCD offers guidance to any landowner in Clermont County, including homeowners associations, interested in creating their own rain garden.  Requests for assistance can be made by calling (513) 732-7075. or sending an email to

November 17, 2016

Feeling Artsy? Help Us Design a Rain Barrel

All artists, including students and seasoned professionals, are invited to apply to be a part of the 5th annual Rain Barrel Art Project, an initiative designed to educate the community about water conservation and pollution caused by storm water runoff.

The Rain Barrel Art Project is a joint effort of Save Local Waters, its members (including Clermont SWCD) and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. As part of this initiative, students and other community members throughout the Ohio River Valley are asked to submit artistic designs to beautify otherwise dull rain barrels that are then displayed at the Cincinnati Zoo and auctioned off to raise funds for conservation education.

Artists who wish to submit a design for consideration must do so by Jan. 20, 2017, through an online form at where additional instructions can be found. Designs will be selected and announced at the end of January.

Artists whose designs are selected will be asked to attend an artist workshop on Feb. 11, 2017, to pick up their rain barrels and learn techniques for applying their design. Finished rain barrels must be returned between March 30 and April 1. They will remain on display at the Cincinnati Zoo until April 20, when they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder during the zoo’s Party for the Planet event.

For more information regarding the Rain Barrel Art Project or Save Local Waters, contact John Nelson at 513-772-7645 or visit

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August 9, 2016

Clermont SWCD Offers Rain Barrels for Sale

rainbarrelRainwater collection is an age old technology that is gaining popularity. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider installing a rain barrel.

  1. Most homeowners can save about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months.
  2. Plants grow better in rain water than chlorinated water.
  3. You can use it to wash your dog.
  4. Rain barrels help reduce the volume of storm water runoff, which can help reduce drainage problems.
  5. Rain water is especially good for exotic plants inside your home.
  6. Save energy by decreasing the demand for tap water.
  7. No water spots when you wash your car. Rain water is soft and untreated.
  8. Wash off muddy boots and clean garden tools.
  9. Great for washing windows.
  10. You can paint your barrel so that it can match your house and landscaping.

The Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District is currently selling 50-gallon rain barrels for $80. The barrels come in granite and terra cotta colors and include a reversible planter lid that is decorative and functional. Click here for rain barrel specifications. If you are interested, call Clermont SWCD at 513-732-7075 ext. 2, or email

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August 8, 2016

Rain Barrels: Reduce Runoff and Conserve Water

rainbarrel1The Clermont SWCD has several 60 gallon plastic rain barrel kits in stock for the amazing wholesale price of $80 (actual retail price is $120)! The terra cotta colored barrels are very high quality and come with spigot and nylon plugs required for simple operation.